Over Time

Lumen, flower, contemporary photography, light, sublime, beautiful, nature, clouds, time

The exhibition Over Time consists of three new works. The first entitled Over Time is an installation of approximately 30 images of cloud formations. The prints, mounted on aluminum, run the perimeter of the gallery, resting on a floating, handmade maple shelf.  Investigating the human experience of time, images slowly and then suddenly morph, moving along and reappearing – going back in time and eventually becoming new, while the photographic frame implies intervals, marking the transitions of lived experience - like breaths and the pauses between them.

Screening in the back of the gallery is a single channel video with sound entitled, The Infinite Now. Like Over Time images in the video morph into one another, however, here the work exists in cosmic time rather than the time of human experience. This work exists in the space between the cosmic infinite and our finite understanding and view of it – a human celebration of and attempt at the sublime.

The last work in the show, a diptych entitled With Time, is a collaged view of a rhododendron tree that is behind a house Chiles stayed in during a residency in Georgia. Coming and going, she admired the tree each time and this work reflects her admiration for and memory of the plant.

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