On Water

On Water is a project consisting of two bodies of work that together reveal how water - or the lack thereof - has the ability to shape our surrounding landscape.  The first, Figs from Thistles, was made in 2013 during the worst drought Texas had experienced in over a century.  The work features flowing dried grasses that despite their lack of water were occasionally graced with draught tolerant wildflowers.  Improbable signs of hope in the dried landscape, the work suggests a shifting landscape and the joy of things that come to fruition in spite of circumstances.  For the On Water exhibition, Figs are paired with photographic collages made in the fall of 2018 during historic flooding along the Colorado River.  These collages use light refraction off of water and layering techniques to create works that bring physical ambiguity to the viewer.  Light leeks recorded on the film add to the tension between their beautiful, light-on-water appeal and the uncertainty of our environmental conditions.

Solo exhibition at Austin Central Library, Main Gallery, summer 2019.

Here is a link to my interview on CBS Austin.